The Online Waiter - Online Ordering Solutions for Restaurants and Takeaways
Why The Online Waiter is SO Good
The benefits of The Online Waiter

A genuine commercial advantage.

So many websites are created just because the business owner feels that they ought to have an "Internet presence". Often such sites cost thousands and offer little or no return on investment. An Online Waiter website is an out-and-out business tool that will return your investment over and over again.

More convenient for your customers.

Many customers would rather browse your menu and add dishes to a shopping cart at their leisure instead of telephoning your restaurant and having a rushed conversation with one of your waiters.

More convenient (and profitable) for you.

Online orders arrive via your fax machine. They free-up your waiters from answering the phone and are always error free.

Stand out in a crowded market.

You need to do everything you can to stand out from your competitors. And you can get up and running for very little. You simply can't afford not to do this.

Never pay any web development costs.

Once you are up and running with an Online Waiter website, you'll never have to pay any development costs to keep your websites technology up to date. We are continually developing The Online Waiter, and all new features and benefits are automatically rolled out to all of our customers websites. Picture your online ordering website not being an Online Waiter website, and not functioning on the latest Internet browser or not working on the latest portable Internet gizmo that EVERYONE is buying ... The chances are that it would cost you thousands to get a non-specialist developer to revisit your website to get it working again ... only for the same thing to happen 12 months down the line. If you are an Online Waiter customer, then because this is all that we do, we fix it quickly and free of charge.

Larger orders.

Online orders are typically between 10 and 30% larger than phone orders. We can't explain why, but it is a widely reported statistic from businesses with online food ordering systems. People are more likely to add extra items to their basket.

More repeat business.

Customers prefer online ordering to telephone ordering and tend to order more frequently. Also customers can easily review & reorder past orders.

Save on staff time.

Less telephone answering.

Save on order errors.

No problems with the wrong items or missing items, as can happen with telephone orders.

Accept card payments.

Giving your customers the option to pay online costs you nothing extra and can help attract business. Customers can choose to pay with a card when they checkout, or they can choose to pay with cash/cheque etc when they get their food.

Reinforce branding.

Unique website design for each restaurant ensures a match with your image.

Easy setup.

We provide a full service where we create and run your website for you.

Reach new customers.

Without online ordering you are losing out on business from a large group of potential customers who use the web as their first choice for ordering products and services.

Benefit from constant development.

Our development team are constantly programming additional features and functionality into The Online Waiter, and these are automatically available to our existing customers for no additional charge.

The features of The Online Waiter

You get your own full multi-page web site.

All our customers have their own fully featured website with menus, opening hours, maps, contact pages, picture galleries and as much text as you can type.

You get the fantastic Online Waiter online ordering system.

Our fantastic and simple online food ordering system is fully integrated into each of our customers' websites.

Your website is professionally designed just for you.

All our customers' sites are unique and are designed to match their branding. Your logo, your text style, your colours, your branding.

You get your own domain name.

Your site will be hosted on your own unique domain name e.g. "".

You get your own email addresses.

e.g. "" or "".

It's easy to launch.

Very simple setup process - we do it all for you.

It's quick to launch.

You can be up and running within 10 working days.

Our websites can cater for delivered orders too.

If you deliver orders to your customers then your website can handle those orders too, along with variable delivery costs and a map that shows your delivery area.

We can take online payments on your behalf.

We can take card payments for you, without you having to have your own merchant account.

We can handle the most complex menus and dish options.

Don't worry if you offer your customers hundreds of different breads and fillings, our system is designed with this in mind.

We can handle multi-site & franchised premises.

Own a chain? Your website home-page can link all your shops together.

You can change your own website.

You don't have to, but if you like, you can alter much of your site (menu, opening hours, etc) whenever you please, using our simple web-based site administration tools.

We provide 24 hour telephone support.

Got a website problem that needs sorting out quickly? Try & get hold of a traditonal web developer at 10pm on a Friday evening! Don't worry ... we work when you work.

You can access your customer data to use it for marketing.

You can access your customer details via your online administration tools and use them in your own marketing.

You can use our flexible discount vouchers to help attract customers.

If you like, you can use our voucher system to entice new customers and to reward your regulars.