The Online Waiter - Online Ordering Solutions for Restaurants and Takeaways
How The Online Waiter Works
How Does It Work For Me?

We provide you with a website for your customers to visit. It has your branding and is hosted on your domain name. It can have everything that you might want to include on your website ... text, pictures, menus, maps, news, customer comments, opening hours, etc ... and it also has fully integrated online ordering and payments. Online Waiter websites come with the full support of our team and have some great features to help strengthen your brand and build relationships with your customers.

You just need to ...

  • Send us your menu.
  • Set up a fax machine or email access near your kitchen.
  • Check that you're happy with your website once it's finished.
  • Start taking online orders!

We do everything else including ...

  • Help to choose a domain name like
  • Register this name with the Internet's governing bodies.
  • Design the website.
  • Host the website so that it's always available for your customers.
  • Oversee the online ordering to make sure everything work smoothly.

The Online Ordering process is simple. Your customers order online and we fax or email the order over to you. The order is with you in a matter of seconds ... it includes the customer details, the order details, and if the order is for collection, delivery or a table reservation. Click here to see an example of the faxed orders you will receive.

Already Got A Website?

If you have a website that you're happy with and just want online ordering adding then that's not a problem. We can integrate our online ordering technology with an existing website, and this can usually be done seamlessly ... so that your customers are not aware that another website is handling the ordering - they only see your website with your branding ... Nifty huh?

If you already have a domain name for your business that you aren't using yet or a website that just needs a refresh, then that's ok too, we can work from whatever starting point you want us too.

How Does It Work For My Customers?
  • The customer visits your website.
  • On their first visit only, they register to use the site (it takes about 1 minute).
  • They browse your menu and click to add items they want to their shopping basket.
  • When ready, they choose a payment method and a collection or delivery time.
  • They click to checkout and send their order to you.
  • They get an email confirming their order.
  • You receive their order by fax and/or email.
  • Easy! ... now go make the food, that's the difficult bit.